Welcome to FIT Financial!

FIT Financial is a unique service designed to connect commercial financing opportunities with the best lending solution available. Allow us to introduce ourselves!

We exist to assist commercial brokers by providing underwriting and funding support, allowing them to focus on client development, increase their volume, and grow their business. We are here to support lending institution, creating additional avenues for them to achieve business growth, through providing quality underwriting and due diligence packages.

  • We believe that a healthy and effective lending market is key to the success of individuals, businesses and communities!
  • We believe that quality financing opportunities exist that are not and will not be financed by traditional lenders!
  • We believe that, with the appropriate industry knowledge and expertise, these financing opportunities can provide investors with profitable returns in an otherwise challenging low rate environment!
  • We believe that appropriate technology and underwriting expertise can bridge the gap between Borrowers and Lenders. By providing the appropriate tools, we can match investor risk profile and expertise with a variety of opportunities. By providing underwriting and structuring expertise, we can match project financing with the right investor.
  • We believe in working within existing services and infrastructure to enhance business!

FIT Financial's vision is to see communities enhanced through improving business’ capacity to obtain the best financing solutions available. Our success in a community translates to an economic impact in that community.